Thumper’s Shopping List

At this point in time we are so very blessed to have most of what we need for Thumper’s arrival in just 3 months (according to the count down timer over there on the right)!  Goodness me, all too soon this is really going to be happening, he will be here in the flesh (his own flesh that is and not covered by mine) and bonding with the family.

I stumbled onto a post that I did after Riya was born about the “6 Weeks Survival Guide“…  Maybe that will still be handy for some of you, but for us this time around, the items below are on our “to get” list.  I thought I might as well post it, because I have had quite a few people ask me what we still need.  Plus I like lists…  I like lists a lot

  • Bepanthen
  • Nappies in all sizes (preferably Huggies Gold or Pampers)
  • Clothes for a BOY!  YAY!
    • Newborn – winter clothes
    • 0 – 3 Months – a mix of winter and summer
    • 3 – 6 Months – mostly summer
    • 6 – 12 Months – mix of winter and summer
  • Blackthorn Berry Elixir
  • Wipes (Sensitive ones if possible)
  • Alcohol free gripe water
  • Avent Bottles and new teats
  • Infacare Stage 1 Formula (we used this with both girls when breastfeeding failed, so although I’m going to try even harder this time, I still want to be prepared).
  • Boy toys (although we have LOADS of toys, Seth is insisting that they are not BOY toys!)
  • We would also appreciate any contributions (monetary or otherwise) to make his room his own.

So that’s it.  That’s all we need – I think (besides the other personal Mommy items that I mentioned in the post I linked to above – I’ll get those).

4 thoughts on “Thumper’s Shopping List

  1. Hi Cindy. I’ve discovered your blog recently and absolutely enjoy reading it. Mommy to a five year old and 7 month old, I can relate to a certain few of your experiences so much!

    In a previous blog, I can’t exactly remember the name, something to do with ‘Riyas first 8 weeks’ or something like that (sorry, honestly can’t remember), you told us about taking Riya for her innoculations and it not being a very pleasant experience for her (or you). I want to tell you about the Emla patch which you can use prior to taking your babies for them nasty jabs. You apply it perhaps 30 mins before and it numbs the area, making the injection obviously less painfull. Just thought you might like to add that to your list for little Thumper as well 🙂

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