Our First Date (Of The Date Night Challenge)

By now you are all probably familiar with the whole Date Night Challenge thing (if you’re not and want to know more click HERE).  

Don’t tell anyone but I had a feeling that I would be all talk and no action on this one, especially considering what this pregnancy is dishing out to me.  But I made the effort and booked my Momsy to baby sit this past Saturday night.

All excited by the prospect of actually doing one of the awesome things on the list I eagerly awaited the evening.  I should have know that when I want things to be extra awesome, they always tend to work out to be…  Not that.  Anyway, we only made it out the house at 7.15 and all we actually had the energy for was to sit in a movie and stare at the screen.  So instead of the 3 course meal at different places as I had planned in my head we shoved copious amounts of pop corn into our faces and felt malnourished.  But let’s face it, just getting out the house at this stage of our life is an accomplishment.

Off we went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.  Bad choice of movie, because a) it was average and b) watching my new favourite celeb crush and having Seth admire how pretty Snow White actually was, probably didn’t help much.  But hey, we still love each other and that’s what counts.

I hope you are having more success on your dates?  Let me know – I’d be totally keen to do little guest posts, if you want to get involved let me know.  I have set another date for this Friday night (at home) – hopefully it will be more successful. 😉

5 thoughts on “Our First Date (Of The Date Night Challenge)

  1. This Friday night it’s on for us 🙂 Will let you know how it goes… was going to watch Snow White…but seeing as you don’t rate it, I think we may give it a miss then….

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