So It’s Not Pre-Term Labour!

Yesterday morning I decided that it was time to put my mind at ease and call the Doctor about persistent pains that I was having in my tummy since Thursday last week.  His lovely receptionist (and I’m totally not being sarcastic – she is may fav of the bunch that have been and gone in the last 3 years) checked and double checked with me that he was still moving and that there was no blood.  The answer to both of these was positive because yes, he was still moving around like a rugby player and no, there was thankfully no blood.  After I put the phone down I felt reassured that the Doc would call me back, tell me that I am just being my hypochondriac-self and that all was fine.

But he calls back and tells me to come in.  Kind of like as soon as possible.  So that he can check me out properly and make sure that we are not dealing with pre-term labour or a urinary tract infection.  As soon as I put the phone down I burst into tears (oh these preggy hormones).  I think it was just so surprisingly urgent and more serious than what I had let myself think it was.  Just when I thought I had got it under control, I had to call Seth to ask him to be there, just in case I couldn’t handle it alone…  And I burst into tears again!  And again! And again!

Then finally we were there (thanks to Lizanne and Chris for giving me a lift in – I stayed home today so as to not provoke any weirdness that was currently happening).  The result is that thankfully, I am not in pre-term labour and that the cervix is still long (ja, thanks Doc.  That means so very much to me.  When I enquired as to what the flipping heck that meant, he said that it shortens in length before birth and I was still a long way off from that).  Sjoe!  What a relief!  The reason for the pains is that all my muscles and ligaments are having a hard time with this 3rd pregnancy.  That simple.  But we need to keep an eye on it, that the pains don’t get worse just in case it really does turn into labour.

So thanks again to everyone for all your prayers and support.  It is mind boggling to know how many people love and care for us out there!  Thank you!

The girls were in the mood for a mini photo shoot, so too lighten the mood of the day we did this (I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculously cute these pictures are!):

We were all walking around like this because of how Mommy was feeling….

But now because everything is ok, we are like this…

3 thoughts on “So It’s Not Pre-Term Labour!

  1. Riya is priceless in these photos! I was thinking so much about you yesterday! When I was preggers oh so long ago I also went to an urgent meeting with the doc because of the ligament is wierd and it feels like pressure, which made no sense to me then. I am so happy to hear that little Thumper is quite comfy where he is! Big hugs to you and your gorgeous gals!!! xxxx

  2. Riya is a real actor, or course the hairstyle adds to it…. Kyla obviously trying to look serious, but just not succeeding. So glad it is all ok love, except for the pain of course but now you can live with it knowing what it is…Rest, Rest, Rest….

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