Preggyness – 23 Week Update

So today marks 23 weeks that little Thumper has been growing into an incredibly active little boy in my belly.  I am super glad that he is so active, it provides me with the greatest peace of mind that everything is OK.  This is especially important because for the last 3 days things haven’t been so great.

It started Thursday eveningish at around 5pm with a pain across the top of my tummy and a weird sense of pressure.  Like the baby was pushing towards that exit.  The next morning it was “gone” in that it wasn’t as persistent.  However from the time that I got home the pain moved to the lower end of my tummy and stayed there for the rest of the night with all of that pressure still very present.  Again on Saturday morning it was “gone” but after Mamma’s and Munchkin’s and a quick lunch at Ocean Basket it was back with a vengeance.   And unfortunately it hasn’t left since.  At first I wasn’t concerned because of the aforementioned movement that is still going on strong, but I’m pretty sure that the back pain the kind of resembles “period pains” that now accompanies it all is not right when all is combined together.  So I am going to check it all with the Doc tomorrow.

This is the tummy at 23 weeks…

I know this is crazy and that my paranoia isn’t helping anything.  But because I feel like I may be going into labour, I checked at what age they can survive outside the womb.  The youngest to survive is 21 weeks.  Thankfully we are over that.  But flip, I really pray that it does not come to that.  Please keep praying.

Other than that we are all good, Kyla was sitting with me this morning and felt the baby move for the first time.  The expression on her face was priceless.  Then she said all on her own that, “baby boy me friend”.  So cute!  She just can’t wait for him to arrive, mostly to “play” with him, but also to have her active Mommy back I think.

So that’s us for another week.  Will definitely keep you all posted if anything’s up.

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