Sleep Walking Sisters

I don’t know if you have ever had the privilege of watching Shaun The Sheep.  If you haven’t you are seriously missing out and you are welcome to come over for a playdate because we have every single one of them on PVR.

Ever since the episode where Shaun “sleep walks” around the farm and does crazy stuff, Kyla has tried to do the same.  All of a sudden, in the middle of playing she will decide that she is going to go to “sleep”.  So she lies down for 2 seconds and closes her eyes.  Then all of a sudden she’s up on her feet resembling the littlest zombie I have ever seen.  Walking around with eyes mostly closed, arms out and bumping into inanimate objects.  Then she’s back in bed, “waking up” like she didn’t know what just happened.  Too funny.  Now Riya has joined ranks and takes special pleasure in walking into things.

Going to sleep…

Taking this sleep walking thing very seriously…

Running back to bed…

I know this one is blurred, but this is how excited they are to “wake up”

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