I Love Me Some Chocolate Cake

Yes, isn’t that title just beautifully written?!  It’s actually inspired by my tots who never say I, but rather “me” at any opportunity and of course they do love some chocolate cake.  Me?  I’m not really a fan because I find that often cake is dry and that puts me off.  That was until I had a cake that was made by my cousin, Cindy.  (Yip 2 Cindy’s in one family – I cannot tell you how confusing family events are for me!)

I’m totally not biased because she’s family, because not only was this cake awesome in design (she made everything herself) but it was DELISH!  Seriously.  I could have eaten 50 pieces!  It was moist and melt in your mouth loveliness.  And you won’t believe that it was eggless too!  (If you are interested in more of what she can do – check out her Facebook Page)

Here’s the excellently crafted “before”…

And here is the disastrous aftermath after…  (Please note that my kids hardly ever enjoy chocolate or sweet things in general, so they took particular delight in stuffing their faces with this goodness).

This is the real treat right here…

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