1 Year Old Circus Party Fun

The girls had the privilege of attending another birthday party a little while ago.  This time is was for little James to celebrate his 1st birthday.  His Mommy was so very clever with the design!  Seriously!  How awesome is this decor!  I wish I had just a tiny bit of her creativity.  She turned their living area into a circus tent complete with all of the delicious food.  For more on the design and the food check out her blog on the day.

We had loads of fun and the girls enjoyed themselves too – despite a minor potty training disaster, which had Kyla and I locked locked in the bathroom for 20 minutes and resulted in me putting on a nappy for her despite the fact that she really didn’t want one.  Which meant that I being roughly 18 weeks pregnant walked out the bathroom with a screaming almost 3 year old and had the entire party look at me like I was the worst parent in the world.  I suspect it was more for taking up the bathroom for so long and not because I was trying to placate the crying tot.  I was more concerned that halfway through the party we would end up with having to change a poo panty and I had forgotten to bring extra clothes, so I guess it was worth it.  Plus, really, I just didn’t feel like trekking to the toilet every 2 minutes when she thought she might poop.

There was also a crafts table that my girls loved…  You could make hats or masks with all the cool stickers and glitter.

Riya took her hat making seriously and spent a good chunk of the party walking around like this:

Here is our photographic version of the day, although it will mainly feature our bambino’s.  This is mostly because how aware I have become of people not wanting pics of their kids up and on the internet machine for all to see.  So  I don’t want to risk it.  Plus, let’s face it, our kids are so flipping cute why would you want to look at any others anyway 😉

This is my oh-so-serious daughter Kyla…

Riya – queen of face pulling and gorgeous giggles!

Eating the “pop corn” – which was marshmallows on a cup cake – so clever!

A mini photo-op on the stairs.

Doing what Kyla loves to do most – JUMP!

While the girls enjoyed the massive trampoline – the Dad’s and some of the older kids played a game of hockey.  As to how it went…  Let’s just say that they’re not as fit as they used to be!  Seth complained about a bad back for the rest of the day.  🙂

Kyla getting a good jump in and me actually getting it in focus.

Besides Riya posing like a monkey, they loved playing with Leah and were mostly very gentle and caring with her.

Great party!  Here’s to many more!

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