Say Hello To Thumper

You might have noticed that we have never really referred to baby 3 as anything but, well, baby 3…  I had been feeling bad, because the girls both had little nicknames – Kyla was Peanut (because at our first scan she looked like an unshelled peanut) and Riya was Raisin (because Peanuts go with Raisins.  I know what you are thinking, and no, it’s not because wee thought she was going to be the “dark” one of the family).

Thankfully Seth recently came up with this brilliant idea (to ease my guilt at not being affectionate towards him yet) while I was mentioning to him how worried I was that our boy child has flippers naturally built into his feet…  Yes, I may be freaking out, but seriously – have you measured out 4 cm on a ruler?!  That seems huge for a tiny 22 week old baby.  So our new nick name for him is:  Thumper 😉

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