A Time To Reflect, Maybe too Honestly

(Riya-Ray at just a week old – how flipping cute was she!!  She looks like a monkey!)

The other night I had the privilege of attending our not so frequent but awesome Mamma’s and Munchkin’s planning meeting.  Why was it a privilege? Firstly, it is great to be involved with such a cool group where everyone there has something in common and where we can meet together and encourage each other on in this challenging phase of our lives.  And thankfully this wonderful group of women are not only lovely people, but friends as well.  It was so great to get together and chat about life, and babies and general ups and downs of being a Mommy.

To be really honest, this is a brand new thing for me.  When I had first had Kyla I was all alone it this new realm of weird Mommyness.  So very alone.  I had no car.  I was stuck at home all by myself with a new little person that needed me all the time.  I had a couple of friends that had babies but either they were not close friends or they lived far away and I didn’t want to put them out by having them come over or the only means of communication I had with them was via Facebook, where you can’t really connect properly.  I struggled through those first few months of breastfeeding, crying each and every time I fed this poor child.  I will be honest and say that I don’t think I had full blown baby blues, but there were times that I could have put Kyla on the floor and walked away without feeling too bad about it.  (Don’t worry – I managed not to do it).  Thankfully I have great parents and parents in law who came over, or took me out and tried to get me out of my funk.  Talking it over with them was great, but just not the same as someone actually going through it.

I mentioned before how scared I am sometimes when I think about another new little life entering our home.  Like really scared.  Then we met as our little group and we chatted about all things new baby.  How absolutely encouraging it was.  I think I may have actually almost cried at some points (although I hope I hid it well so as to not discourage people from talking to me in the future) because it was so great to relate to people.  To hear advice and feel like I could actually do this again – with a little help of course.

What’s the point of this post?  Well it’s to thank the ladies that met together for being open and honest, and dealing with me.  But it’s also to any pregnant women out there.  Find yourself a couple of women that have been there (recently if possible).  Connect with them.  If you don’t have anyone, I’d be more than happy to chat through anything that you want to.

8 thoughts on “A Time To Reflect, Maybe too Honestly

  1. Great post Cindy! I think we all feel a bit overwhelmed .I’m sorry I wasn’t living closer to you at the time 😦 But I’m so gald to hear you’re part of that group. That’s a great blessing. Much love to you and Seth and all the best for baby no.3 🙂 xxxooo

    • Thank you for your comment! I wish you had been here too! Glad it’s over and that this time around there are so many mom’s to chat to. xoxox

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