A Great End To An OK Week

What better way to end a week than to meet up with fellow Mom’s and have a play date.  At first I didn’t really value the importance of these, but now I can’t get enough of them.  Besides the fact that my poor kiddies only ever see other kiddies when we go to church on Sundays or at a random party, all they ever see is our family.  Not that I’m complaining, but Kyla is starting to.  She gets ridiculously excited for parties and literally squeals with excitement!  Who can blame her, although I was mildly upset on Sunday when I left her at Sunday School and she didn’t even acknowledge me leaving.  Oh well, they grow up so fast.

But besides that, it is great to catch up with other Mom’s who are struggling through the same things that I am.  To have friends to share how they did things but without that sense of “I’m right and you’re wrong”.  It’s so great!  Despite the fact that as usual these kind of things result in loud children and a fair bit of discipline, we still managed to have a bit of a chat.  Thank you ladies for coming and bringing your munchkins with you, it was great!  Here’s to many more!

Playing hide and seek

Awesome cup cakes courtesy of Jolene!  Yum yum!!

Kyla seems to be a bit confused…

5 thoughts on “A Great End To An OK Week

  1. Hello Cindy!!! Hope you remember me from January when I photographed you and your beautiful family in the Pinelands Park!! Gosh your girls have grown, and how exciting that Baby number 3 is on “its” way!!!

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