When A Trip Ends In A Fall

Sunday starts the same way it usually does…  With the girls waking us from our peaceful slumber at around 7.30/8 after sleeping with us the whole night.  I keep feeling like this is too early, but I forget that not too long ago that was flipping late.  Nevertheless, we slowly drag ourselves out of bed and make the girls bottles and some coffee for our usual morning wake up.

After that is goes downhill: the girls start complaining. I get dressed, feel huge and change 10 times into outfits that aren’t fitting me anymore and I just look like a beached whale, my skin is crazy, sore and red AND we end up being so late for church that we don’t even go.  I carelessly make a note of updating my status to reflect how it could not get worse.  In a way it works out, because we had to stop in at KC and get a present for a party in the afternoon.  This goes fairly smoothly except for a few meltdowns that the girls have about trolleys, walking and wanting to be picked up.  It ends with us racing to the car with Kyla peacefully sitting in the trolley and me trying to calm down a screaming Riya – which entails carrying her.

We arrive at church and despite my aching back I think it’s probably best to carry Riya through the car park to 1) make it quicker and 2) avoid potential meltdown/embarrassing disasters.  Boy was I wrong.  About half way through the wet and bumpy parking lot, my left foot hit a bit of a wobble.  For some reason this is happening quite often.  Initially I thought nothing of it and was all like, I got this.  Then I suddenly realised that no…  I don’t “got this”.  And down we went.  In slow motion I start thinking flip, I’m falling.  I’m holding Riya…  What now… Is this really happening…  At this point my knee smashes in to the ground.  Yes, this is really happening.  Oh there goes Riya.  Damn it.  Then my hands hit the floor, the right one palm down trying to prevent my stomach smashing into the floor to and the other back down, trying to protectively hold Riya as to not let her head become mush on the wet, scratchy gravel.  It seems to work as we glide gracefully to a stop…  Who am I kidding, we probably looked like what a stuck record sounds like, literally skidding bumpily to a final resting place…  In a puddle.  It went so slowly but so quickly at the same time.  Before I know if there are 3 people there to help us, Seth took over looking after a screaming Riya and I just sat there trying to assess the damage feeling like a proper fool.

All I can think about is Riya’s face as we go down, especially when she connects her leg with the floor, it’s like a Mommy, why are you doing this to me look.  What’s happening?  Why are you dropping me?  The poor girl just couldn’t understand why I would let this happen to her, why I would be the cause of her hurting herself.  It took her a full hour to calm down.

It took me all day to get over it too.  But thank you to all of those people who helped us in our little time of need and breakdown.  I may not have thanked you all properly at the time, mostly due to the shock of it all, but please know how much I appreciate it.

All Seth can do when we talk about it is laugh, and to be honest when I picture it, I can totally picture it being funny to see.  Now for all the scrapes to heal and the knee to not swell any more and we’ll be good to go.  Oh the joys.  Happy Monday everyone.

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