Mamma’s and Munchkins – May Edition

It’s almost a whole month since we had our monthly Mamma’s and Munchkins meeting.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long to do this, but I thought I better do it before the next one.

This time around we had two awesome Mom’s to be (Julia and Kyla-Rei) lead us in cool winter activities to keep the kids busy during winter.  It was great!  I’ll let let the mass of pictures do the talking.

The first cool thing is to have a treasure box.  All different toys hidden in the rice crispies.  The girls loved it and actually didn’t make us much of a mess as I thought.

The next one was painting the Autumn leave and making stamps with them – Kyla LOVED this and literally cried when we moved away from it.  Riya ended up forgoing the leaves and just piling a whole lot of paint on the paper, but hey, she still enjoyed it.

After that we were on to another painting experiment, where you put paint in bags and cut off the corners.  The idea is for them to squeeze it out onto the paper.  It looks very pretty if you can get them to do it right…

Off to the noodle necklaces.  This was a bit of a hard one, but after they had the necklace it was almost impossible to get them to take it off.

There was also a gauntlet that the kids could do, I say gauntlet, because most of the kids were only old enough to crawl through the tunnel and not really do much else.  But thanks to the men involved in setting that one up 🙂

There was also 10 pin bowling with coke cans and a big ball, and what I assume to be duster hockey, with rolled up newspaper and balloons but unfortunately we got stuck with the painting and didn’t really move on from there.  It was very cool and the girls had a really good time.

After that we just chilled downstairs a bit with tea and yummies before heading home with 2 very tired but happy little girls!  Thanks again to everyone the organised and to the helpers who are there every month to make it a bit easier.  Here is a little picture tribute to the chill time.  Sorry for all the photo’s.

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