A Mother’s Day That Was

What a Mother’s Day we had!  Besides it starting out with a really funny card that actually made tears form in my eyes, the Sunday started out pretty much as usual.  A bit of a lie in with tea in bed, followed by a mad rush to get done before church.  Yes you read that right, Seth is really great on normal days and does most of the morning stuff with the girls on the weekend and let’s me have a bit of a lie in.  Did I mention how blessed I am or how much I love that man?  I did?  Oh well, that’s because I am and I do.

From the moment Kyla woke up she was begging for me to put her new pink, velvety, sparkly dress on for her – if you missed out how that happened check this.  She literally squealed with excitement for each arm going in and then buttoning it up.  She is such a GIRL!  (Who would have thought?!)  Can you tell how excited she is?

Checking herself out in the mirror…

We went to church and she walked around holding the glitter bit up in the air like a real fairy and absolutely loved every bit of attention that she got…  Which was A LOT!  Goodness!  People love a little girl in a glittery dress!  But she owned that dress and flaunted the heck out of it.  When I fetched her from Sunday School she was sitting on the floor smiling at all the people but when she saw me, she got up and ran to me giving me the biggest cutest hug.  She also coloured in a Happy Mother’s Day picture for me that was only mildly concerning because both of our mouths had been coloured, or more accurately, scribbled out in black…  But that is a concern for another time.

It was now off to the Waterfront to have more people staring at the glare of the proud little girl and to enjoy a lovely lunch with our parents (on both sides).  It was a lovely time with lovely food (thanks to Salero).

Then we parted ways and the fun really began.  No matter how much your man takes over Mommy duties for the day, there is no escaping Mommy duty when taking 2 toddlers to a massive shopping centre that also conveniently has boats and seals!  We had to do a bit of essentials shopping that meant that we were trudging around with massive bags of formula, which meant that Seth was pretty much occupied.  So I told him to take the bags to the car and then find me at the seals.

I sat the girls down as we drank some water, and explained that we were going to the seals but if either of them let go of my hand we were going straight home.  This would be a travesty!  So they clung tightly to my hands as we walked through most of the Waterfront to get out at the harbour at the back.  We got lots of looks and at first I couldn’t figure out why…  Then it dawned on me…  2 tiny tots in brightly coloured dresses and bulging tummy would make a bit of a sight to behold.  We finally made it out to the harbour to go and see the seals…  Which weren’t there.  We bravely (but stupidly) went to look without Seth being there.  In hindsight it was probably the daftest idea in the world!  If one fell in (due to the fact that there are NO railings) what on Earth would I do?  Jump in?  What happens tot he other one?  They’ll jump in too!  Then we’d all drown because I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been able to successfully save the first one as it was – I need to work on my lack of swimming skills.

Finally Seth came and we strolled passed all the boats docked in the harbour.  And of course we were suckered into doing the harbour tour, which was actually quite reasonable and when they said we could see seals – Kyla was mostly definitely in!  But boy was it cold out on the water!  I was so not prepared for this!!!!

We all had fun on the boat although there weren’t enough seals out for the girls liking, but the day had to come to an end and we headed home at 5 o’clock!  Yes, we were out for a very long time.  By this point my back was practically breaking in two, but Seth took over with suppering, bathing and bedding the girls.  I love that man. xoxo

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day That Was

  1. Ah. A lovely day you had! Saw your little family from waaay across the restaurant. 🙂 seems my in laws have the same great ideas as your family!

  2. What a great day! I have to say Kyla pulls off that dress beautifully! How big our girls have grown!

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