Kyla – The Budding Photographer

The other day Seth let Kyla play with my precious baby.  No…  I’m not referring to the one in my tummy, because that would be super weird.  I am referring to my very precious camera of course!

She had the strap around her neck and very carefully took loads of picture of nothing except for obscure angles of the lounge and her Dad laughing at how cute she looked (which I love – I seriously love that man).  Here the start of the next photographer of the family…

Now whenever she sees it, she wants me to pose for her (I should be flattered – at least someone wants to take pictures of me).  So cute!

8 thoughts on “Kyla – The Budding Photographer

  1. These are so cute!!! I have to say I am really should make a little album for her bet shots, I am sure she will be very proud of herself!

  2. It’s so cool to see Kyla’s perspective!!! Really makes you think about their POV!! Very cool post!

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