A Little Garden Reno

Crazily enough we feel that we are finally at a place where we have enough time and energy to spend a little bit of it on the garden (I know right, what the heck are we thinking!).  And by we, I totally mean Seth.  Although on this occasion I actually did “get stuck in” to help him move some rocks and stuff, and of course most importantly of all, be the designated Gecko spotter!  (If you have some how missed Seth’s amazingly talented fear, these are guaranteed giggles – Gecko Whisperer 1 and 2, although maybe it’s just because I can picture the dancing that makes it so hilarious).

So one Saturday morning while it was still relatively warm and I was not too heavily pregnant, we transformed this:

Into this:

Seth will be super mad with me for posting it looking half done, but the fencing did get finished and it looks amazing. I just  don’t have a photo and it’s cold outside right now, so I don’t want to go and take one.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Of course the helpers did all the dirty work:

And then of course the helpers needed a much deserved break:

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