A New Addition for the New Addition

Three kids means changing a few things.  More than I initially realised.  And probably even more than that.

But for now, we have realised that we have to rearrange our little housie a bit and finally get our butt’s into gear.  At the moment the girls share a room at the front of the house, we have the small room at the back and we have a study/man-pad full of study/man-pad type of things.  Well mostly this consists of all of Seth’s tools, a cupboard of junk, an old bed base, a 8 seater dining room table with a hole in the middle and piles of paperwork that “we must sort out one evening”.   I can safely assume that our missing marriage certificate is in that pile…  Somewhere…

Anyway.  Our solution to get everything sorted?  Get a shed.  So that’s what we did.  Now all Seth’s goodies are out and locked up and once we get rid of the other junk that resides in the study we can get it ready for the girls to move into.  We’ll even paint it pink, much to Kyla’s delight, whose only desire for her birthday party this year is that it is pink.  Whose child is this?  Pink! Urgh!  Once that’s done we’ll move back into the girls old room and make the new little boy addition a room all to himself.  Seth is already planning the helicopter light and train track running around the room…  Can you tell he was dying for this?!

The shed of awesomeness that the girls love!

The study with half the goods moved out.

Inside the shed of awesomeness!

So this is the shed.  I’m thinking of painting it…  White…  Whatcha think?

I’m thinking of this colour  █ █ █ █ – Seth

Go on, tell me what you think...

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