Preggyness Week 16 and Other Parenting Failures

Thankfully we are on our way to half way, and things are just getting so much better with this pregnancy!  (Can I say “at last” without sounding totally ungrateful about being pregnant again?!)

(Believe it or not, I did actually get the girls to “clean up” before they went to bed – despite what it looks like in this picture)

I am definitely into the second trimester, I know this not because of the amount of weeks that I am, but that I am no longer morning sick!!!!   YAY!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!!!  YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how much joy this is bringing into my life right now!!  Morning sickness sucks butthole – I may have mentioned that before!

I also feel like I have more energy, provided that I get to enjoy enough sleep at night…  Which doesn’t seem to be that often anymore.  The girls have decided that they do not want Seth during the night at all and lose their nuts screaming at the top of their voices for me.  If I do end up going in (which seems more often than not) I have to lie between them while they both lay their claim on me – Riya plays with my hair and Kyla tries to hold my hand.  It is very sweet, except that this happens at like 12am…  Or worse 2am…  I am not always the nicest person at any unearthly hour and therefore don’t fully value the specialness of it all at the time.

On Saturday this “need to be with mommy” culminated with us causing a rather dramatic scene at Pick n Pay in the Waterfront.  It started with Kyla asking me to pick her up, then Riya noticed and demanded that I pick her up too.  Even when I’m not pregnant this is a proper mission as they both weigh a good 12-14kgs.  Riya is a real mommy’s girl and when Seth picked her up, she absolutely lost her mind!  Screaming blue murder for her Mommy….  Now we all know that the girls have taken after me in looks, especially the lack of tan part.  And, well, Seth is blessed with a good amount of colour.  This results in what appears to be a baby abduction where some man has come along and stolen a baby that is screaming for it’s Mommy.  I had to keep running next to them to say – “It’s ok, stay with Daddy” just to reassure people that everything was fine.  That’s how we roll in the shops nowadays.

In terms of the baby, the girls are getting a little bit more excited.  Kyla started “tickling the baby” the other day, not realising that she was tickling me instead, and when she realised what she was doing, she would not stop!  She killed herself laughing every time and she keeps doing it every now and then – especially when I’m trying to be serious and putting her to sleep.  She also gets mad if someone comes to close to her tummy, shouting “don’t touch me tummy, hurt me baby!”.

Other than that, the actual pregnancy is going really well now.  Baby is kicking up a storm and it just so great to be able to feel it!

Oh and the studying that I mentioned last week is actually going well.  I was petrified of the whole thing because of all the odds that were stacked against me – being pregnant and having no memory, having 2 tots and then trying to actually read something at night and make it even mean something, never mind it actually staying in my head.  But after taking a study day to go through it, I realised that thankfully I do know some of it and it seems to be staying in my head. YAY!  Exam is this Monday coming – keep praying, I really appreciate it.

The bad news, is that I have grown out of my last pair of pants!!!  (Except for my trusty maternity jeans that I unfortunately can’t wear at work.)  Serious need for new maternity clothes ahead!

Peace and love peeps.


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