Preggyness Week 15

What a couple of weeks it has been.  Goodness, I wouldn’t relive them even if you paid me.  If you missed the scare with Baby 3 you can catch up here.  Thankfully since finding out the good news we have had a pretty good time.  The morning sickness seems to be gone, though I still have a few nausea moments, at least it doesn’t result in vomit which is freaking awesome!

I managed to get Seth to take a picture of me and scarily it seems as though my tummy is finally bigger than my butt.  I got a fright when I saw how big it was.

I realise that this is not a fantastic photo, a headless blob…  But I promise it’s better than the head included.  Pregnancy does not agree with my skin and the best thing for it is to clean all my make up off when I get home.  I didn’t want to give anyone nightmares by exposing it.

At the moment I am suffering with another chest infection, but I suppose after the girls getting it, it was only a matter of time for me.  It sucks though, you just can’t take anything with pregnancy.  I have even lost my voice.

And on the brightest note of all, I have started to feel baby moving!!  YAY!!!  The nest part has arrived.  Albeit that it is only in certain positions (mostly reclined with a little bit of pressure on my lower tummy) and mostly only when I have a full tummy and bladder.  But it’s still movement which is just great!!  Besides it just being awesome it just gives me such a sense of peace that things are going well!

The next few weeks are going to be insane!  I will be writing my RE exam on 30 April and I am positively petrified!!  Exams freak me the heck out and I have a super fear of failing which is a major problem considering the amount of time that I will have to study and the long weekend right before the exam…  Oh and that I will be going for a gyne visit only 3 hours before the exam…  And considering the last scan, I doubt my mind will be in the right place but unfortunately I can’t postpone either of them.

So I will probably be scarce for the next couple of weeks.  Enjoy them and if you are going away for the long weekend enjoy it!!  And if you remember and think of us on 30 April, please pray that the scan will be all good and not reveal any other things to worry about.  (Oh and the exam…  Pretty please.  If you feel like impersonating me and writing it for me, I would totally be grateful. )


2 thoughts on “Preggyness Week 15

  1. A woman at the playgroup I run told me yesterday that her child was constantly getting tonsillitis. Once it had cleared up he would get it again and again. He ALWAYS had a cold if some kind. Then she started putting just a pinch of turmeric in some warm milk in his breakfast (old wives tale) and his colds at 70% better! Turns out turmeric is a natural Anti-inflamatory antioxidant. That and ginger helps for clearing mucus. Turmeric and ginger are of the same family. Maybe do some research and see If it works. I still can’t take any pills for colds because of breastfeeding so if I ever get a cold again I’ll be giving it a go!

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