Co-Sleeping Beauties

For quite a while now Kyla and Riya have been sharing the same single bed to sleep in at night.  This is mostly because as soon as we started lying next to Kyla and putting her to sleep in her new bed, Riya threw a huffy from having to go to sleep by herself in her own cot – understandably so.

Luckily this co-sleeping mostly works, and some nights they do sleep through, though I don’t think that if they slept in their own beds they would sleep any better.  But for the most part I just think it is so flipping cute!  While they sleep they try and make sure that they are touching each other in some way or another, especially if they are waking up and need a bit of security.  I just love seeing them reach for each others hands, too cute for words!!

Obviously I don’t want to risk waking them so I haven’t ever taken pictures of it, but  last night I couldn’t resist!

(Please excuse the slightly blurry pictures, but I couldn’t risk the flash)

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