Tourists In Our Own Town – Part 2

I mentioned in my previous post that we were spending 2 whole nights in our “own town” of Cape Town to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.  What I didn’t mention is that I only did day one in this post…  The reason?  I fell asleep and posted it just like that…  Did I mention that I’m 15 weeks pregnant and besides that, I’m an old tired woman.

Luckily on our holiday I was a bit more alive and so we really got around Town on the second day.  Seth woke up early in the morning as his body clock is pretty good at ruining perfect morning sleep ins…  Except of course of the girls are awake and going crazy…  Then he has an amazing skill of not only being able to sleep through it, he snores through it.  I on the other hand could be in bed all day, and that was what I was trying to do…  But alas we got up and headed down to the Hotel restaurant for the breakfast.  We discussed our plans for the day and tried to book for the Marc Lottering show, which was obviously fully booked…  FAIL.

After ignoring my pregnancy issue with bacon and egg (it makes me feel queasy, but it’s my favourite meal, so really…  When it’s free who the heck would give it up for all bran instead?!?) we decided that we were really going to be part of town and walk from Long Street all the way to the Castle…  Yip…  That’s right…  Seth has not ever been to the Castle.  I don’t know what his school was thinking, I think I may have been there like 4 times, just in primary school.  Oh and I never knew that town could smell so gross…  Wow.  Every type of body excretion could be smelt or worse, seen on the way to the Castle.

When we got to the Castle we did  the Castle…  We did the tour, saw the key ceremony and walked around to all the other places they didn’t get to in the tour.  We literally walked around there for 3 hours…  But there was lots of cool stuff to see!

The pictures above are of the key handing over ceremony.  It was cool to watch but the best part was when they fired the cannon in the picture below.  It was tiny, but flip it was loud!

After that Seth wanted to show me the Garden Centre…  I told you, we are mall rats, we just can’t stay away!  But we literally went, walked around and left…  We then walked past the Mount Nelson and thought about just popping in there for the High Tea as we were planning to do anyway, instead of going all the way back to the hotel to change first.  After a little bit of deliberation we decided it was probs best to get changed and make a proper deal out of it…  Plus it didn’t look like you could walk in, the pedestrian gate was locked up.  So we fought the wind, trying not to let it blow my dress in such a way that I scarred people for life by seeing my butt cleavage, all the way back to our new home away from home in Long Street.  It was a loooong walk…  I think my calf muscles may still be aching from it.  We walked the route in blue below…

We got dressed up and then headed out in the car to the Mount Nelson.  It didn’t really say where to go so we found some parking and ended up going to the High Tea venue through the back.  Being completely unsure of what the heck to do I thought it would be best to go to the front desk and let them know that we were there, and check if that was ok.  But it wasn’t ok…  Apparently you have to like, book or something.  Puh.  So there goes that.  Although I will say that it looked so awesome that I am keen to go back and do it properly.

Then we tried to go to Nelson’s Eye instead, a gorgeous steak restaurant, but alas…  It only opened in 2 hours from when we went.  Nothing was going right.  So we went to Camp’s Bay, that is generally a reliable option. We sat in a lovely beach front Italian Seafood restaurant that I have no idea what it was called and enjoyed pasta with the sun going down.  It was lovely!!  

Seth decided to have the deep fried Bar-One for dessert…  Like seriously…  Like a Bar-One in itself isn’t fatty enough, let’s wrap it in dough and fry the crap out of it.  Yum…

And what would an anniversary, morantic (deliberate incorrect spelling) holiday be without a cliché heart picture…

Because our cool plans for Marc Lottering died a miserable death, our evening was wide open.  So what do we do with wide open evenings?  Watch movies of course!  Who needs to talk on a holiday!  We opened an account at some random movie shop and got not one, but two movies…  Back in the hotel we discovered that the “DVD channel” that we had both seen on the TV list was only for the main lounge…  Great…  So we watched the DVD’s on my laptop at the end of the bed…  Good times.  After that we pretty much passed out, because two movies meant that we went well over our bedtime.

The next morning I wanted to order room service for our breakfast.  You know live like I was in a movie!!  It was great!  I highly recommend it.  Then it was time to pack up and get back to real life and my girls that I missed so, so, so much!  Being away is great, but coming home to my girls who can’t contain their smiles for me is just so special!

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