Tourists in Our Own Town – Part 1

We have made it a tradition for us to go away on our wedding anniversary.  We try and go away for as long as possible, but realistically with 2 small children we are so grateful that we are even able to get away for one night like last year (this was most awesome by the way).  This year we were so blessed to be able to get away for 2 full nights!!!  Yes, 2 whole nights of “freedom”!!  It was so weird being able to plan to do things during “suicide hour” or even to plan something to run from 4 in the afternoon into the evening.  That is just time that we haven’t known to ourselves for at least almost 3 whole years!

We decided that we should stay in Cape Town CBD to do things that we should have done as residents of the country but that we don’t really get to do – we wanted to be tourists in our own Cape Town.  Why go somewhere else when we haven’t fully enjoyed our own space yet?!

Seth and I love Long Street in Cape Town and as I walked down there the other day I spotted the Grand Daddy Hotel.  I don’t know if you remember, but we went for an awesome family holiday to their sister holiday accommodation in Grabouw and it was amazing!  Just walking passed this place gave me the same feeling of fun and adventure and I knew we had to stay there.  So we booked into the Luxury suit and prepared to be pampered.

The place is beautiful, although I actually can’t say much for the view…

As usual we decided to go out, shortly after arriving in luxury.  We walked up Long Street with the aim to find something yummy to eat and it just so happened that when we walked out the bank we looked directly at Fork Restaurant and thought “why not”.   Oh.  My.  Word!  This place was amazing!  We sat on the balcony and got introduced to how they work their menu.  Basically it is a Tapas restaurant, so they plate the food in 4 bite sized portions of whatever item you decide on.  The idea is to order and share.

Let me say that if you are starving (as Seth was), it’s best not to go.  Rather go when you are just looking for a yummy, delicious snack, or if you are like me and not a gimba…  They recommended that we order 2 each and share…  So we did…  Wow – there is a reason that they have won awards and get great reviews online!!  We had the butternut and hummus, puff pastry with mushrooms, ostrich and beef fillet.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We followed it up with dessert, white chocolate mouse with raspberry couli and lemon and lime cheesecake….  Yum, yum, yum!

After that we headed back to the hotel to stop spending money and spend time together instead.  We played cards and chatted before we went to the hotel restaurant for supper.  Being the rebels that we are we decided to go out on the Town…  At 10 at night!  Can you tell we missed the freedom?!  But seriously, who am I kidding…  When I say “a night on the Town” I mean that we went to the Waterfront to watch the 10pm movie like an old married couple – which I guess we are now…  Needless to say that we almost fell asleep in the movie and then just crawled into bed when we got back…  We’re so young and fun!

Oh and cool side note…  The bed was “turned downed” when we got back to the hotel with little sweeties…  You know, just incase we couldn’t figure out where to get in.

7 thoughts on “Tourists in Our Own Town – Part 1

  1. I totally feel this comment. My Julie and I can’t make it pass the 00:30 mark without complaining bitterly and having many afternoon naps to catch up.

  2. i love fork! been there a few times and always enjoyed their food and the vibe. 🙂 belated congrats on your anniversary!

    • Sorry! I see you did put the name in.. guess I was distracted by the yummy food photos and didn’t read properly! xD

      • No probs at all – give it a try – definitely worth it! Thanks for the feedback regarding the blog, nice to know that people actually read it 😉

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