Just Another Rainy Day (Our Easter Sunday)

Except it wasn’t.  Two very different, but equally blog-worthy things happened today.  But before I get into that, I would also just like to say that I am so ready for the sun to come back and Autumn or Winter or whatever can go back to where it came from.  I am not equipped to deal with this rainy weather – yes it’s been raining for 2 whole days in a row!  Besides a lack of warm clothes and shoes that actually fit my expanding body, I just can’t get warm.  To ease the cold, my main desire for this season is for a lovely crackling fire place, oh I would just loooooove that!  I may burn a whole forest in the attempt to keep myself warm, but the crackling, burning, gorgeous smelling awesomeness would be totally worth it!  But back to business.

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday – and how weird it is that although I have been a Christian for roughly 20 years, I have never, ever called it that or even remember it being called that.  Nevertheless, it was great to have this time off to remember the sacrifice of Jesus and realise the awesomeness of what that means to us as Christians.  We even made it to church despite the girls having their first ever combined Easter egg hunt.  Kyla actually started to get into the Easter Bunny thing and for the rest of the day, she wanted any of the chocolates given to her to be hidden so she can find it.  They were so cute!

The other great thing was that our water metre got stolen.  The thieves obviously used the cover of the rain to make a getaway before anyone realised that the extra fountain of rain spouting 3 metres in the air was going against gravity.  We were having lunch at my parents when it happen (which is at the back of the same property), Seth just happened to need to fetch the nappy bag from the house when he noticed it.  We called the municipal water people and were astounded at how quickly they arrived to turn it off!  Water really is precious right now!  We also realised that they had scaled another neighbours metre down the road too and so we got the police in too. While we waited for this all to go down, our neighbours had heard that the offenders were on foot and so they set out with their baseball bats and went to look for them…  Yip, say hello to our little friends.  I’m not sure if you have ever had the misfortune of meeting our noisy neighbours, but Seth gives a really good description of what they are like in this post.  In light of this wonderful happening, it looks like the fireplace will be on hold and we will have to build a fence instead.  Maybe I’ll be warm next Winter.

That is how we spent Easter Sunday!

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