Big Ups To The Man!

I think I have mentioned to you that Seth is the new Masterchef in the house?  Yup, I’m blessed.  He is really gifted at it.  I tried making things like he does – just straight off a recipe, but it never turns out so well.  I’m not even joking.

We have had quite a few dinner parties, ok like 5, but that’s 5 more than we would ever have done!  And it’s only in light of these culinary delights of wicked delishiousness that we could do it, but I don’t feeling like blogging about each one individually…  Sorry peeps if you were a valued feature in those events…  We still adore you and are grateful for your company.  Most of the pictures of the original recipes and results featured in the New Years post, but I want to draw some special attention to what we affectionately call “Baz Pes Pas” – that’s “basil pesto pasta” to those who are not familiar with our awesome shortening of words thing we do.

If you are into baz pes, you will absolutely love this creamy goodness!  Seriously, I’m not even a real fan of basil but this stuff is so amazing I keep requesting it.  It is now a staple in our home and maybe yours too?  The recipe is apparently easy although I won’t try it myself (can’t put off the Chef), if you want to check it out it’s here on Pick ‘n Pay’s website.  Seth leaves out the asparagus and adds rosa tomatoes – because, really who eats asparagus!  Even the girls happily dig into this baby!

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