Cutest “Bergies” Ever

If by some miracle you are not actually South African and you stumbled upon this blog, a “bergie” is our word for homeless person.  It may not be as politically correct as the first one, but hey that’s how we are over here.  Or maybe it’s just me…  So um nevermind.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing how one little hat (and maybe a t-shirt that may be a little small in Kyla’s case) can transform 2 beauties into looking like I just picked them off the street – which I didn’t, I promise!!  But they would make the most gorgeous homeless people in all the world!

2 thoughts on “Cutest “Bergies” Ever

  1. Seeing as Madam Kyla had pinched Riya’s dummy she was living up to the bergie life, getting others left overs. shampies man. Problem being Riya’s still using it……

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