How To Celebrate 5 Year Anniversaries

I realise that my posts of late have not really been very fun or exciting, but also very sparse.  What better way to make up for it than to tell you what we did on the day of our 5 year wedding anniversary…  We went to a 30th birthday celebration of a great family friend of Seth’s – Candice Petersen.  It was a lovely day and we are very glad that we could have shared the special day with her and the rest of the family.

Normally there isn’t much for the girls to do at these “older” functions…  But this time there was a TRAMPOLINE!!!  Oh how they enjoyed themselves and oh how I worried the entire time they were on the thing.  Here are some shots of the day.

That night we left our beauties in the capable hands of Seth’s parents and went out to celebrate our anniversary.  Initially we were going to go to Belthazaars, despite our last experience there – we felt better equipped to go this time.    The plan was to have a romantic dinner, conversations about love and admiration of one another and generally just gaze into each other’s eyes all night.  That’s what you’re supposed to do right!  Well clearly we shouldn’t be married…  This is kind We went there with good intentions…  Then we thought about movies…  When last did we see a movie…  Hmmm….  We can’t watch a movie and go for fancy supper.  Maybe we can get Steers and smuggle it in… Oh the movie starts now…  Um let’s get popcorn for supper.  Ok great!  Sorted.  We watched This Means War and had pop corn for supper!  O don’t think poor baby 3 was very happy but, that my friends, is how we roll!

Happy Good Friday peeps!

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