Preggyness, Week 13

Wow, what a week 13 has been.  To be honest I am really glad it’s over.

On Monday we went for our gyne visit.  Although it was great seeing the heartbeat and it’s little hands and toes, we – and by we I mean I – had to go for blood tests.  This in itself is never fun, and ever since I got pregnant the bruising is almost disturbing – everyone thinks that Seth is abusing me.  It’s blue the entire inside of my arm, very weird.  As yet we are not quite ready to discuss the details of it all, I would appreciate prayers until we get the results – which believe it or not, we still have not gotten.  When we are in more of a position to know what’s going on I’ll fill you in.

Tuesday resulted in morning sickness so bad that it could actually have been a stomach bug.  It was awful.  Until Thursday I could hardly eat anything worth anything.  I have a feeling it may have been a bit of stress too, but goodness me, it was terrible.  From Thursday things got mildly better – thank goodness.

The biggest good news at the moment is that we – and by we I mean Seth – has made progress with the study.  He is adamant that if it’s a boy he will have his own room!  Here’s to it being a boy!!

So until we meet again – which might be a while from now as we are going away for 2 whole nights, please keep us in your prayers.  Thanks peeps!

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