Baby 3, What Could You Be?

So, if you’re like me you are dying to know what little Baby 3 is going to be…  Boy?  Girl?  Thankfully there is only one in there, so it shouldn’t be a case of both!  As we are definitely trying to find out what it is this time, I am going to try all the “Old Wives Tales” and see what the result is.  Thanks to my friend Zoe she collected a lot of these in a post she did just before I was about to pop with Riya and I thought it would be fun to put it all to the test again.

  • If your legs resemble tree trunks, it’s a boy. If they are trim and fit, it’s a girl. 
  • I hesitantly say girl, for now – only because I seem to have lost weight there with all the morning sickness – who knows these legs could thicken up at any moment.
  • When a woman is pregnant with a girl she will be crabby (to put it nicely) because all women are crabs and if you have one inside you are twice so. If you are pregnant with a boy you are happy and smiling because you have a little peter inside you for 9 months.
  • Hmmm, Seth will have to comment on this one…  Be careful…Ummm…. Definitely a boy…200% :p
  • If you can’t tell you’re pregnant from the back, it must be a boy, with a girl you’d be pregnant all over.
  • So far, I’d say boy – but it’s hard to see myself from the back.
  • If  you are carrying low, it’s a boy, girls are carried high.
  • To early to tell on this one.
  • Do you crave sweet foods or salty foods? salty = boy and sweet = girl
  • Must be a boy, sweet foods leave a gross taste in my mouth
  • Terrible acne or break out = girl
  • That was most defs true for the girls.  So far it’s under “control” = boy.
  • Girls take mom’s beauty (so if you looking horrid while preggers then you having a girl and if you looking gorgeous then its a boy)
  • Again Seth would be able to make a better call here.  I would say girl.  Definitely a boy, but then that would mean our to girls should have been boys too. Can you smell brownie points?
  • The ring test Version 1 where you suspend the woman’s wedding ring on a chain over her belly. If it swings back and forth, it’s a girl. If it swings around in circles, it’s a boy.
  • Ok…  I did this with hair instead of a chain, but the result – boy!
  • The ring test Version 2: You attached the strand of hair (like a loop) around the band and hang it just about the wrist of the mother to be (wrist facing up), if the ring swings length ways up and down the arm… its a girl and if it spins in position …its a boy!
  • Again…  Boy
  • The side the mother prefers to lay on when resting: left , it’s a boy, right,  it’s a girl.
  • I don’t know how accurate this one is, I lie on my right, but only cos I don’t want to look at Seth (I can explain myself here)…  So girl.
  • Ask the mommy to be to show her hands, if she shows them palms up, it’s a girl, palms down, a boy.
  • Hmmm, fail on this one.
  • Your urine is a bright yellow in colour (Its a boy) Your urine is a dull yellow in colour (Its a girl)
  • Can urine really be bright or dull?!  No clue on this one.
  •  If your children of a particular gender are very clingy then the baby is the opposite gender.
  • This one could go either way.  Riya is super clingy and Kyla is not bothered…  So either?
So by this estimation the results are in at 3 girl, 7 boy and a few unknowns…

Oh and by the way based on these things Zoe thought Riya was a boy, but Riya is most definitely a girl (I checked), so I don’t know hey…  I guess we will have to wait and see…  Let me know what you think it is…  This is Seth’s thoughts on the matter…

If you step in a pile of pooh and it scrapes off your shoe, it’s a boy, otherwise it’s a girl but may not be if you think it isn’t when it is actually what you thought it was. It’s official all the old wives were smoking weed back in the day. This stuff is ridiculous.

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