Potty Training… Who Would Have Thought.

I don’t know about you, but when I thought about becoming a Mommy it was a little bit naive.  I wanted to experience the cuddles with a gorgeous smelling little tot who just thinks the world of me.  You know that picture you get in your mind, it’s kind of rosy and even as you imagine it you can probably smell that baby powder and newborn combo that is just amazing.  In those little day dreams you don’t really think of the poo, or the vomit, or the endless crying, or the point that you reach where you have done everything to make this little person happy but it’s just not working and everyone is feeling a bit frazzled.  Sorry to burst any soon to be Mom’s bubbles, but it’s better to be prepared!

Thankfully, this is nearly almost a thing of the past, without of course, thinking of roughly 6 months from now!  Obviously we still have bad days, and yes, any time after 5 is still considered suicide hour in our house, but it’s just so much fun to be with them and experience them growing up and learning that it is just so worth it.  That being said, I think I can safely say that Potty Training falls into the category of things you don’t think about when day dreaming about children.

It’s kind of like having a new puppy at home and trying to avoid coming home to puddles, except of course, the newspaper is replaced with a potty.  Oh and you probably shouldn’t be leaving your kids alone at home and coming home to puddles.  That said, we have had numerous failed attempts; where I thought my child was just so awesome and wanted to be potty trained from like, birth or something (what was I thinking here!!  Good grief, the child used her walker to go to her room – she couldn’t even walk yet!).  Or when she tried to potty train herself…  Or when I just flipping gave up.  This time though, I think we are getting it right.

Kyla is now a “big girl” who manages to wear panties every afternoon from 2 until bed time, and in the past week has only made 1 real accident.  Every other time, she tells me, “me wee wee potty” and we race off to the bathroom to let her sit there.  In the beginning (about 2 weeks ago) she used to sit for 10 minutes and then get up without having done anything, but today she sat down, did her business and was done in like a minute!!!  It’s fantastic.  It really feels great that we are making progress, and you can see how her face lights up every time how much she is loving becoming a “big girl”.

What I didn’t really think about was how many times they need to go!  Every afternoon we jump up about 100 times to rush off to the loo, ok, maybe I’m just lazy and pregnant, but flip, be prepared to drop what you’re doing and go!  Or face the consequences…  No thanks.

I think the real win here is that we waited until she was ready and tried not to push her into anything (despite the failed attempts mentioned above).  Ok, she may be 2 and a half now and 3 in July, making it “late” by many parents books and standards, but so what!  I’m so over that!  Parenting is hard enough without having to worry about what everyone else thinks.

So there you go ladies and gents!  My little girl is now a “big girl”.  All that’s left is to get her to wear it all day…  And make a poo…  And wear it all night…  You know, just a few small things.  Oh, and then there’s Riya…  Flip!

(And for all those like my Momsy who only read the blog to steal pictures of it, soz…  Despite the amount of stuff that I do post about my poor kiddo’s on here, my aim is not to scar them for life….  So no, there will be no potty pictures.)

6 thoughts on “Potty Training… Who Would Have Thought.

  1. I dont only read it to steal pictures, tch, what a mean thing to say, I admit i do, cos your photos are SO MUCH BETTER than mine, but believe it or not, I do just LOVE to read your post. :). Cant get enough of my babies, and of course, their parents. lol

    • I did think about that, but I would rather her associate the bathroom with weeing, just in case she gets confused one day. I am not too keen on cleaning wee out of the carpet. ha ha

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