Fun in the Sun and Questionable Parenting

This past Sunday we actually had a day all to ourselves!  It seems crazy, but I don’t think we have had a chill day at home in a long time…  Ok maybe it’s because a chill day at home is never actually a chilled day at home – not with our girls!  But this Sunday was beautiful and probably one of the last fab Summer’s days that Cape Town has left to offer.  We made the most out of it by blowing up the paddle pools and having a delish braai (that Seth did all by himself – I’m loving his new found passion for cooking)!

I feel the need to tell you that I don’t enjoy being outside.  I enjoy swimming even less.  If the water is cold, it’s like the water has personally insulted me and hurt my feelings – I will ignore it and wait till it comes to it’s senses.  Or better yet, go inside…  My husband and daughters however, would prefer to be outside than anywhere else in the world and cold water is no problem at all.  Dilemma.  (Believe it or not this isn’t even the bit about questionable parenting!)  So I sucked it up and spent the afternoon outside.

As the pool was rather large, the water therein was absolutely freezing and just didn’t seem to warm up in the sun.  Obviously, I avoided it at all costs – luckily so did Riya, thankfully (or not I guess).  Kyla was the braver of the two, who would at least put her feet in.  But after Daddy got in, that was all the permission she needed to enjoy the “slide” feature that the pool has.  She flipping loved it!!!

Have you also noticed the tongue?  It’s a new thing she keeps doing when she is nervous or too excited!

Ok, now the bit for questionable parenting.  This also should be given a bit of perspective, just so that you don’t appoint a social worker and take my kids away.  Ok, so the background…  When I used to hurt myself growing up, my Dad would first laugh at the situation leading to the pain and then check that I was ok.  I have picked up this trait, and I apologise for anyone who has had the misfortune of having me giggle at you while you are struggling to regain your composure…  Or worse…  Fight back tears after a horrible incident.  I know it may be weird, but I just find it so flipping hilarious that I can’t control myself.  Unfortunately this sometimes applies when my kids have accidents…  Like this one, where Kyla tried to walk down the slide…

OH. MY. WORD!  I can’t stop giggling and I am so stoked I got it on camera.  I love how careful she was trying to be and then, just embracing the fall…  Arms and legs open wide and don’t forget the mouth too!

By the way, she was fine.  She just got a bit of a shock and was back in the swing of it in no time.

She actually had so much fun that she ended up vomiting on the paving.  But that’s another story for…  Well, a time where talking about vomit doesn’t make me want to vomit.

2 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun and Questionable Parenting

  1. LOL It is rather a strange trait that you inherited, it seems that your brother is the same. Just as well we didn’t all become paramedics 🙂

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