The Gecko Whisperer to the Rescue

It was a fine Summer’s night in our little house in Cape Town.  As usual on glorious nights like these we dress up and go out for a night on the Town – ok, who am I kidding…  On nights like these we dress in our PJ’s and chill in front of the TV.  As this particular evening it was fitting to be wearing as little as possible, because, well it was hot.

Casually draped over the couch, we started to watch a movie.  It was lovely….  The only noise around was cute little snore’s coming over the monitor and the sound of the fan buzzing over our heads.  It always lifts our spirits to be able to chill at a reasonable hour and this particular evening we had the feeling of fun and happiness.

That’s why it didn’t strike me as odd when Seth’s threw something that landed with a “splat” sound on the open skin of my thigh.  TMI?  Maybe, but just let it sink in a bit; imagine a “splat” on your thigh.  I casually looked over to Seth to see why on Earth he had thrown something at me.  But he was super calm, and not even his fake calm to hide that he just did something naughty.  He was genuinely watching the movie.  Then I realised…  It wasn’t him…  So what the heck was it?!?  I started to panic a little as I looked down.  When my eyes reached the spot of the “splat” I saw 2 little eyes looking at me!  A flipping gecko had landed on me!!!

I smacked it off with a very girly scream, it felt like it took forever but also what seemed like a split second and then a split second later we were both in the middle of the lounge.  At this point, I had not said anything about it and so Seth was very confidently at my side, waiting to pounce on the stupid cockroach or moth that had dared to violate his wife.  When he asked me what had happened, I just mentioned the word “Gecko” and he was literally gone…  With a trail of dust following behind him.

He remained in the Kitchen well protected with the agility of a field mouse or super ninja and literally seemed to be hoping around the Kitchen, seeing imaginary gecko’s on all the walls…  Closing in on him…

I had to move the couch and relocate most of the furniture to find the blasted thing.  Once I had safely gotten him into a bowl I had to take him outside and across the driveway – under the watchful eye of The Gecko Whisperer who was safely located behind the wall, peering out at me through the curtains.

Needless to say that for the rest of the night, right up until this day he is constantly checking the ceiling for stealth gecko’s waiting to pounce on him.

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