Finding Out We Were Pregnant For The THIRD Time…

I found this little post I wrote when I found out we were pregnant.  Not the best post but great for the memory.  Here’s a picture of the girls to make up for it!

I am writing this the morning of finding out which is 28 January 2012.  I’m writing it so I don’t forget this feeling, but not publishing it yet until we know for sure what’s going on with our third little gift.

For a while I have been wondering why my stomach has taken on a rounder appearance than is necessary.  It’s been scary.  I don’t think I’ve been eating like a pig or anything but it doesn’t want to go down!  Then there’s the tiredness and weakness, but also a bit of tenderness around the boob area.  Then I knew…  It was time to take the test.  So the first thing I did this morning was to take the test.  Well first thing after having both girls in bed with us since 5.30 and trying to sleep through it, but failing miserably.

On my way to the bathroom I expected it to show a big fat nothing.  Judging from my past 2 pregnancies, the first test was always negative.  So as it goes I wee’d on the stick, then put it aside “to not look at it for 5 minutes”…  Who am I kidding.  I watched the thing do it’s business the whole time, I am not one for suspense.  And lo and behold, there was not only one, but TWO lines!!!  For a moment I am in shock because although we were technically actually “trying” for this one, we only started trying maybe in the middle of December or so.

Seth was his usual calm self, and when I said that we should pray that it is a boy, he only said, “we should pray that you don’t die”.  Why would he say this?  Well pregnancy and I are not good friends.  Yes I love the kicking and the feeling of a little one growing inside there, but I get seriously sick all the way through the pregnancy.  By the end of Riya’s pregnancy I was smelling blood and not in the way the Bella from Twilight would enjoy.  So far there is no morning sickness, so here’s hoping that it stays this way.

Telling the girls was a bit weird.  They didn’t really care.  But I suppose, what can you expect when my tummy isn’t really that different in their eyes and they are only 2 ½ and 1 ½.  My view of them has immediately changed into thinking that they are both big sisters…  Such a weird thought.  Even my little baby Riya is going to be a big sister.  Can they handle it?  I hope so…

So here’s to the next 9 months of awesomeness (hopefully).  And please pray that it’s a boy…  Not that it matters….  But ja, I’m dying for a boy!!!


5 thoughts on “Finding Out We Were Pregnant For The THIRD Time…

  1. you could have given us a smiley from Riya…. come on….. we want to see her beautiful face… well Mrs Sicky hope your days goes better.

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