Green Point Park – Part Two

Here is part 2 of the fun of Green Point Park.  How great is this place that it can take up 2 whole posts!

Anyway, after the Patons left, I wanted to get my share of the view of the place.  Wow, wow, wow!!  I am so totally impressed!  Besides the fact that it is free, yes, FREE, it is well maintained and clean!  There are security guards that actually watch you via the camera’s all over the park – this is not a scary thing, it ensures that you are safe and I love that.  It also means that you cannot drink alcohol or you will be caught on camera…  At first I was a bit bummed (not that I can drink anyway), but then I realised how much it ensures that the park is a child friendly place and not one full of drunk weirdo’s peeing in the bushes.

Ok…  So back to the park.  There is this awesome pond that you walk over a very scary bridge to cross.  And by scary I mean that there are no railings and there are gaps between the concrete steps.  But still very beautiful.

Then there is the park that is dedicated to the littlies.  Which is great because it is fenced in, ensuring that your little munchie doesn’t make a spontaneous getaway.  All of the play things are safe and gorgeous!

Riya having some special moments with her handsome Daddy!

Our kids are kind of diva’s, but not in public and not when I want them to be.  But with the mini amphitheatre they had to have their little moment.  The top left pic is Ri dancing and I just love the way Kyla is holding her dress in the top right one.  Then they tried to escape…  That’s the bottom right picture…

Once we got to the “bigger kids” park the fun really got started.

Riya spent lots of time on the slide…

Can you spot Kyla…  This is how she plays…

Then there is this awesome round bowl thing that spins around and around.  We got some pretty awesome piccies…

This one tells a story…  See how Kyla bullies her sister…

Finally it was time to call it a night, just before it got dark.  We were privileged to see Winnie The Pooh’s red balloon escaping into the sky…  That is the random sky pic, the girls thought it was awesome!

3 thoughts on “Green Point Park – Part Two

  1. ok so here comes the Irish dancing now, got the right dress hold. No wonder Riya gets a nibble on Kyla every now and again, its payback time….

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