Green Point Park – Part One

On Saturday we got an impromptu message from our dear friends, the Patons.  They were keen for a play date and so were we!  We decided to meet at Green Point Park for a picnic supper.  I had been dying to go there for a long time, so we were super amped to go.  Besides that it took us forever to get there – because of my notoriously atrocious packing skills, requiring us to stop off at Spar to buy everything I had forgotten – needless to say that Seth has pretty much banned me from any more packing.

We finally got there around 4pm.  I was worries that we were really late, but in retrospect it was the most ideal time as it was starting to get a bit cool…  Well eventually.

The reason that I am breaking it up into 2 parts is because we took close to 300 pictures.  Yes 300!  Every picture is like the perfect back drop – absolutely stunning!

The girls had a bit of a play at the picnic blanket.  It always takes a while for them to get used to each other.

But once they did, they were off to explore.  Wondering where Riya is?  Well currently ridiculously attached to me.  Maybe she can sense her individual time with Mommy is about to get a bit less with little baby on the way.  

Over the water (that I will reveal in the next post) there are these adventure houses.  The girls loved it!

When they got back it was time to eat and chill…  How beautiful are these girls!!

The lovely couple…

We brought our little tea set which proved to be a hit with the girls…  If you believe in those silly tales that your parents tell you, you would be as thankful as I am that the wind didn’t change on Kyla’s face – then she would be stuck looking like a chubby hamster.  That by the way is how she drinks water…

Just chilling…

Such an amazing bunch of girls!  Here’s to many, many more play dates!  (And secret photo ops for Mommy, although it’s flipping impossible to get them all to look at me at the same time)

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