Wynberg Park… Not That Bad

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think about Wynberg Park as a “must see destination”.  Form me it’s more like a “must avoid destination”.  Despite my general avoidance of the area (except Chart Farm at the back of the park which is awesome) it was decided that a mass family gathering would be held at Wynberg Park.  Great.  

Never mind my feelings, we put it aside and went to the function.  And actually, I was pleasantly surprized!  It was clean and the people there mostly kept to themselves.  But most of all there weren’t any homeless people sleeping under the trees.  Ok, don’t judge me.  But I don’t necessarily want to expose my kiddies to what most homeless people resort to and that is being drunk at all hours and not treating each other properly.  My kids don’t need any more excuses to smack each other.

There is a lot of grass to set up a little spot for a picnic, loads of trees for shade, a beautiful little pond and a slightly dried up river with bridges that run over it.  Obviously you need to be cautious and know where your kids are at all times, but the girls loved it!

So we had fun and took lots of photos.  Enjoy…

Chilling by the pond – throwing as much of the grass and stuff as possible into the pond.

Some funny faces…

More funny faces…

Ok, now I found this next set of pictures hilarious…  Just watch Kyla’s Michael Jackson move before she lands on her butt.  Hilarious!  No?  Come on!

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