The First Scan…

So today (31 January) is the day to go for the first scan to see the new little life growing inside me.  For the first time, Seth won’t be able to make it to the appointment – he has a meeting that was scheduled last week and our gyne didn’t have another appointment until flipping March!  There is no possible way that I can wait that long – mostly because I already look 12 weeks pregnant…  The joys of 3 pregnancies in 3 years…  But basically I can’t hide it anymore and I don’t want to lie when people ask me.

My mom has graciously agreed to go with me to the appointment – which is great!  Definitely the next best person to join me.

For some reason (as I am starting to write this before the scan) I am starting to feel super anxious.  The test was sooo positive (the line appeared before I even had a chance to put it down properly), but what if  I’m not actually pregnant.  What if  this time, because Seth isn’t there, there will now be something wrong.  What if, what if, what if!?!?!  

You see the thing is, I have no idea how far we are.  I could be 4 weeks, I could be 12 weeks?!  Is that kicking… When we went for Riya’s first scan we thought we were in the region of 8 weeks – expecting to see a peanut shaped blob like we did with Kyla.  Boy were we shocked when we saw arms and legs!!  I swear I feel kicking.  No flipping way, it can’t be kicking – that would mean like 16 weeks or more.  That’s just freaking crazy!  Stop it, stop it, stop it.  Just flipping relax!

Once I see that little bean, once I hear the heart beat and once the Doc gives us the OK, then I will be a little more at ease….


Ok, just got back from the scan.  2 very important things happened:

1. Seth made it in time for the scan

2. I realised that my body is far too in tune with this whole pregnancy thing…  Why?  Because we are only 4 weeks…  We have to go back in 14 days time to check that it is a viable pregnancy with a heartbeat.

At first I wasn’t concerned – both of our pregnancies went off without much consequence.  But then I asked what the chances are that this wouldn’t turn out, and apparently every woman who tries for more kids will have a miscarriage in their life time and something like 40% of early pregnancies result in miscarriage.  Flippit!  I so did not know those odds, and I really wish it stayed that way.

So here’s waiting for the 13th (of Feb) to eagerly see that little heart flutter!!!!!


Yesterday afternoon we went for the confirmation scan.  And yes, there is a little heart beat!  Praise the Lord!!!

According to the measurements (only a tiny 9.8 mm) and everything we are around 7 weeks and 1 day, which means that the due date is 30 September…  Only 5 days after my birthday…

We are so excited that everything is ok!  Now to get through the next 6 weeks before the next scan.

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