The Girls Have An Announcement…

We are going to have to change our blog name (and many other things) because….  Well, actually, I’ll let the girls tell you…

Yes it is true!  We are pregnant again!  We are only 7 weeks and 3 days, but we are excited to share the news s0 that our friends can pray through this time with us, but also because my stomach is already giving us away!  The due date is 30 September – just 5 days after my birthday!

So please keep us in prayer over this exciting time!


9 thoughts on “The Girls Have An Announcement…

  1. Congratulations Cindy and Seth on your wonderful news! I am sure the girls are going to be fantastic big sisters!!! Heres wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
    Love Kerri and Lily xxx

  2. Exciting stuff! I pray your pregnancy is easy. Here’s hoping you have the same pattern as us. Of course that’ll mean having another one after this one. 🙂

  3. Ah, what exciting news for your very cute (and growing) family, Cindy! Congrats, and I pray that this will be a blessed time for you guys. 🙂

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