Love Story…

It’s the month of love…  Apparently…  But for us it is the month of birthdays, with Seth just having celebrated his 27th birthday with his Dad on the same day and my brother tomorrow.  But more on that later…

For now let’s focus on this love stuff…  My friend Julie over at Caramella Clan asked me to write a little something something on how Seth and I met and our relationship ever since.  So if you are keen on checking it out take a peak over here...  As I am not a very lovey dovey person, that post will suffice for all the love stuff for the next year…  Ha ha.  And let also say that she is far, far too kind on everything she said.  Except for the beautiful children part – I totes agree on that!

If you enjoy reading our blog about a mixed race couple with crazy children I am sure that you will really enjoy another mixed raced couple with crazy hair!  No seriously Terence’s hair is crazy (and more about that on their blog too).  And I am sure if you watch this space I am sure you will no doubt witness the joy of more gorgeous bambino’s entering the world – made all the more beautiful by all the mixed genes!  Gotta love them genes!  Plus Julie is a fab person and if you want to be fab to, you should totes check it out!

Peace and love peeps!

Go on, tell me what you think...

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