What Are They Getting Up To?

The girls are so funny now that they can talk and communicate with each other, the resemble cavemen not only with their limited language and grunts, but also the hair pulling.  Anyway, here are a few moments that are probs not worth their own post.


Riya’s new obsession is with the dogs water bowl.  She is 18 months old, and decides to develop this fascination NOW!  Flip.  Anything and everything go into it, and I think she may even have drunk some of it once.  Or maybe twice.  Who am I kidding, she’s probably about to sprout a tail.

So this morning, she looks at me with various spoons in her hand and says, “watie?” in that questioning way of, if you don’t say anything I sooo going to go and splash the crap out of that water.  I said no, and as she ignored me I even threaten the “naughty chair”.  She turns around and then Kyla (ever the excuse maker for why the naughty thing is the right thing to do) says, “floor dirry”, “watie wash fooor”…

I had to laugh, although upon reflection you may not find it as amusing as I did.


Ri and Kyla now demand to go to sleep in the same bed.  Up until now Kyla has been in a big girl bed and Ri has still been in a cot.  For about a week Ri had been coming up with weird bite marks all over her and since she was the only one in the family to be getting it, we assumed it had to be in her bed.  So for a couple of nights we put them to sleep in the same bed, but now that we have ruled out anything weird living in her cot, they won’t go back to normal!

I don’t mind though.  I think it is the cutest thing in the flipping world.  When I check on them I come out with the hugest “it’s just so cute” grin on my face…  Last night when I checked on them, Kyla had managed to put her leg right up into Riya’s face/neck area…  But they were both sound asleep!  They have even slept all the way through the night for the first time in a very long time!  Long may it last!


Riya’s favourite new word is “whuck”…  Now before you get any ideas…  She is attempting to say Duck!  And the more I say “D D D D D Ddddduck…”  The more she says “whhhhhhhuuuuck, Whhhhuck”.  Then looks so flipping proud of herself!  She is so cute I could just eat her up.  Ok not really, because that would border on all kinds of law breaking, but you know what I mean.

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