Full Of Joy

There’s no better way to describe Ri.  Which is quite interesting, as we used to call her “Frowny Frownensen” when she was born because all she would do was frown!  All. The. Time!  Anyway, she seems to have gotten over whatever was upsetting her and is now the most giggly, funny little bunny.

Pictures speak louder than words, but I know the pictures that I have previously posted may not have given her real personality away.  But in just these few pics I think you can see her gorgeously entertaining, mischievous self.  She loves to get a fright, so in these pictures I am trying to give her a fright even though she knows it’s coming.  Which makes her pearly white grin even more gorgeous!  Also please excuse the angle of the pics and blurriness, I couldn’t really focus on all the action while trying to BE the action.


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