Kids Activity – Coloured Water

Ok, so I’ll admit that I totally stole this idea from Meryl, but it’s great!  I am not very good with coming up with cool things to do with my kiddos every day, especially considering the heat in Cape Town at the moment it’s almost impossible.  But the other day when we were discussing cool ideas, Meryl told us that this is what she used to do as a kid.  What a great idea!  Riya loves water and getting wet and Kyla loves colours.  Win – win!!

So I put food colouring into water in lots of different bowls and voila…  A bit of a flop because Ri poured out all the water after only 10 minutes, but it was 10 minutes of fab fun.

Kyla is very serious about it all…

Riya is all about having fun and posing for the camera…

If you are like me and get stuck on ideas you’ll probably want to join us at our next Mamma’s and Munchkins which is all about Creative Play Ideas.  I cannot wait…  (Check out the invite below or the link above for the Facebook group for more deets).

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