Play Date – Trip To The Park

Just before we all went back to work Kirsty, Zoe and I had a play date.  I am almost ashamed to say that it was my first “during the morning play date” in 2 ½ years.  We have done afternoon dates after I have come home from work, but I have never really experienced a morning venture.  It was awesome!!!  I would absolutely love being a SAHM, although the conditions would be that my friends are too and that I have my own car, just saying.  Judging from my maternity leave experiences, I do not do well cooped up at home everyday.

But enough random ramblings of rot.  We all met at Kirsty’s pad and then took a stroll to the park down the road.  It was so great to catch up with friends and have our bubbies play together too!  Although, the conversations are broken because of parentingly type things, for example jumping up to stop your kid hurting themselves, or worse, someone else or going to help them play in the park by pushing them on the swing, it was lovely to catch up.

How gorgeous are these kids!!  THEY WILL BE FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!!

7 thoughts on “Play Date – Trip To The Park

  1. Lol, the life of a stay at home mom… Yeah if only it was all play dates… Its really not so bad lady! Get a car and then we can be at home mommy friends 🙂

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