I Need Help! Potty Training SUCKS!

Anyone feel like potty training my daughter(s)?  No?  Why not?  Maybe because it’s possibly the most frustrating thing, so far in child-rearing history – for me at least.  I don’t know what else to do, so I would appreciate the help.  So here’s the sitch…

I think that we have all made to much of a big deal about the whole thing.  We talk about it to her often, as well as Seth’s parents, my parents, friends, other family and pretty much anyone that comes into contact with her taking the time to ask her how it’s going.  Seriously, I have had someone ask me about it in a shopping mall.  So there is a lot of pressure on her, from every angle.  And one thing you need to know about Kyla is that she doesn’t like to be put on the spot – she will not happily copy what you say (because she seems to be scared to say it incorrectly), she will not do anything that you ask her to do if she is not sure of what she is doing or how to do it and she can also be very shy.  She is also very, VERY stubborn.

So here’s what I’ve tried, feel free to give me tips –

* We bought panties in all different colours – she wets them every single time.  We agree when we put them on that she won’t wee wee in them, she will tell me instead and she will go on the potty.  That has not ever happened.  She is at the point at the moment that she has so many accidents that she DEMANDS to wear a “naaapa” (nappy) and screams and screams until you put one on.  I once ignored her pleas and then she proceeded to wee 3 separate times on the floor.  But not on purpose, she just can’t hold it anymore.

* So here’s the other thing.  I know she can hold it.  She will go the entire night without wetting her nappy and will only wee in the morning.  And now if we manage to get her to leave her nappy on she will demand to have the nappy back on and then make a wee.

* The furthest I have gotten with the potty is for her to sit on it.  For 2 seconds.  Then she either starts crying or demanding a sticker (yes, I have tried this bribery with her too).

I’m at a loss.  Do I just wait until she is older?  Or what?  Help!!

9 thoughts on “I Need Help! Potty Training SUCKS!

  1. Eeeek I feel yor pain! A couple of tips for you. 1) go to the shops with her and pick out a potty SHE likes. 2) start by getting a toilet top seat and before you have a bath, you have a wee and then let her sit EVERY night. Even if it’s just 3 seconds. 3) only give her a sticker when she actually does a wee. 4) pack the panties away! She WILL wee in them as it feels like she’s wearing something to catch it. 5) let her run around with nothing on and keep asking her to potty every 5 mins. If she asks for a nappy give it to her! And ask her “where do we do wee wee’s?” and let her show you. 6) If she does an accident don’t shout! Just say “oopsy daisy where do we do wee wee’s?” or something similar. 7) Do not attempt to leave the house with no nappy until she is comfortable weeing at home.

    Just remember, you don’t see 40 year olds wearing nappies. And if ANYONE says anything about yor kiddies being in nappies tell them that every child is different and to go raise their own children.

    Hope it helps. Xx

  2. if she’s not ready, she’s not ready. forcing will only get you more wetting the pants and crying. it took me a week with Riyaan, but thats cause i had ben making him sit since 18 months. have you tried taking her to the bathroom with you? might help if she sees you are also using the “big girl toilet”. im certain u dont want to do the “smack on the bum everytime u wet your pants” solution. mayb you should also try and make a game of it, just to get her used to it. but the main thing is not to force too much. All the best

  3. Yeah, I know what you’re going through!

    Jordan was a breeze, we tried when she was 2 yrs 5 mths, she made one wee in her panty and refused to put them on again. So I just put the nappy back on. Then, 4 months later, she found the panties in her cupboard, asked to put them on and never had an accident, even at night.

    But Dylan was our disaster to start off with. As Jordan was almost 3 when she was finally potty trained, I waited a little while longer till I attempted to potty train Dylan. He was about 2 yrs and 9 months. That was a complete disaster. I also tried the “buying fancy underpants” “special potty” and reward “jelly tots for every success on the potty” But none of that worked. He weed in every single underpants! So after 2 weeks of that, and added that he had now started crying when I wanted to put the underpants on him, I went back to using nappies and we were both much happier again.

    What we finally did, about 2 weeks before his party, we started telling him that when he is 3 he is going to be a big boy and big boys cant wear nappies! So, he actually started looking forward to it and the day after his birthday we changed him into his underpants, quite proudly! We still did have the occasional accident, but not half as bad as the first attempt at potty training.

    My motto with it all was, they dont all magically mature at the same age. So, if it isnt working, she clearly isnt ready. Pack it away for a month or two and try again later! Give their brains and emotions time to catch up to the idea of potty training!

    Hope you work it out soon!

  4. I started out with a little potty but it was battle to get her to wee in it, so i bought one of those seats that fit on a regular toilet which made potty training so much easier.When ever i needed to use the bathroom i would tell saarah im going to wee in the the toilet now and ask if she wanted to go aswell. after a couple of times doing this she would want to go everytime after i went, even if she didnt need to wee. Eventually she started to make the connection between the need to wee and the toilet and it was easy from then on.its going to take some time and a lot of Patience but dont give up, she will just surprise you one day and get it right, until then Good Luck and i hope you find something that works for you!

  5. Hey, shame I wouldnt worry so much im sure it will come right. She is only 2 and ive seen a few kids only get it right at 3.

  6. Sounds like how mine started. I decided it was too soon and left Bee alone for a month. Tried again thereafter and she got it in good time!

    I did pull ups and put her religiously on the pot every hour for a few minutes. Were still accidents but once we got her to go the first time it was much easier thereafter.

    Perserverance and patience mom!

  7. …not that I’m an expert in any stretch of the imagination, I’ve discovered to be liberated by not making such a big deal about it… pull up’s have changed my world, meant for MUCH happier mom and tot and she surprises me with how often she’s started saying she needs the loo (think she’s loving me not nagging & laps up the praise and encouragement, even if it’s one wee in the loo per day! So, halle-loo-jah for that! Hope it helps 🙂

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