Imhoff Farm With Nana

We were blessed to spend the day out with Nana at Imhoff Farm (another one of our fav hangouts).  This was the second time that we had been there – the first time was just as awesome.  When we got there the girls were fast asleep and so we used the time to get some divine pizza at the very full Blue Water Cafe.  Unfortunately we had to sit inside because it was so full, but this wasn’t such a problem because it is beautiful in there too.

Once the girls woke up we took Nana for a little tour around the place, but didn’t really make it into all the little shops that I wanted to.  Instead we showed her the real highlights of the place, which include (but are not limited to) the horses (which Riya wanted nothing to do with although she did actually take the time to look at them through the fence for a change)…

The wagon…  Which they almost fell off too many times to count…

The swings…  Which Riya wanted nothing to do with, I don’t really blame her though, it must be pretty scaring looking from her height – Kyla loved it though.

And the roundabout…  Kyla demanded and I bowed to her request.  However I didn’t let Riya go on, not because of some random act of severe “second child syndrome” but because she would fall off in 2 seconds and require stitches.  You can’t blame me for not being into that.  Kyla loved it though, how flipping beautiful is she!

After accidentally meeting up with gorgeous Ella (and parents) and sharing some yummy chips and watching bubbles we decided to call it a day, a long, long day.  I had taken my first round of antibiotics and was not feeling to great at all, but the girls really enjoyed it and I am sure Nana did to. 🙂

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