Kalk Bay – For Mia And Ben – Wish You Were Here…

Sometime in the Christmas holidays, or any holiday actually, it is customary to visit Kalk Bay for breakfast and then take a stroll down to the Harbour.

I don’t know if you have been out that way recently, but you have to actually drive on main road or Boys Drive but then take an earlier exit through the houses and park there.  Needless to say that we so didn’t know that so we had to do a U-turn in the Harbour.  Why am I telling you that?  I don’t actually know, except that we were a bit frustrated because we were already late – as usual.  We eventually found parking and then met Seth’s parents and Romes at Tribecca.

The food was lovely, but it was super crowded there. The salad is mine and the fatty breakfast is Cindy’s. The waiters always get it mixed up.

Then we took a long stroll down to the Harbour.  There was a mommy seal and baby seal that were performing for us and then just beautiful views of the harbour.

Can you tell it was a bit windy?!

I’m sure you noticed, but did you see how gorgeous my wife is in the pic above?!

Going there always reminds me of Mia and Ben, we really missed you both there and so we took these pictures especially for you.  Wish you were here!!!

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