A is for Afraid

Have you read about Seth’s super fear?  If not you should totally check it out, it is defs worth a read.  Anyway, with all of this in mind Seth came home the other day with brand new gum boots.  No, although we stay in Africa, he is not taking up gum boot dancing.  It is so that he can go out to the back yard without the fear of a lizard crawling up into his pants leg.  I suppose if it makes him keen to go outside that is a huge plus.

The other day I hear him getting ready to go outside, swapping his shoes for his boots and unlocking the gate.  Not even minutes later he was back inside and rummaging through the study.  He emerges looking like this…

His only statement – and I quote, “It’s either him or me in the garden”.  Poor lizard.  Apparently he had ambushed Seth and was literally hanging on one of the weed bushes, just staring at him.  Yip, staring directly at him!  Clearly the silly lizard didn’t know who he was messing with, but apparently he didn’t survive.  I believe it though, because I doubt Seth would be out there again if he had pulled through, especially seeing as he goes out there without his boots on now.  The poor lizard took 2 bullets to the gut…  If he survived he would be a zombie lizard!  Ooh, how’s that for whole extra level of fear!

If you are wondering what the dealio is about the A for Afraid thing, I thought it would be cool to do this 52 weeks ABC challenge.  I know me, so if I manage to finish doing it, it will be a full on miracle.

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