Family Fun At Fairview Wine Farm

A while ago I went wine tasting with the peeps at my office and really enjoyed it, it seemed like an awesome thing to do with the family.  So after quite a few failed attempts at going, we managed to gather all the fam from both sides and enjoyed a lovely breakfast out on the farm.  This is a truly wonderful thing to have both parents on both sides and both of our siblings spending time together and with our girls – thank you all for coming and joining us!

Unfortunately the weather was not the best, so it was a little bit cold and because everyone is fighting colds and things it was better to sit inside, which was a pity because the view outside is lovely.  The vibe inside is still great though, feels like a real farm house.  They ONLY served breakfast until like 12, so the choice was only breakfast – for me this is defs not a problem as this is the best meal of the day after all, but if you are like Seth that may not be your thing – so bear that in mind.

After brekkie it was time to explore the place (although the girls got a fair bit of exploring done while we were eating – each one of us had to go out with them to the various attractions).  The girls had fun watching all the fishes swimming in the pond and spending time with their Unc and Aunty Romy.

Obviously we had to visit the goats which are one of the main attractions at Fairview.  Riya absolutely HATES goats, which I think I mentioned in a previous post, but seriously they are so weird…   And stinky!  The main one that was in the house came out and then did all his business right on the stairs – Kyla was a bit in shock, I doubt that this is going to help with the potty training…

My brother has been spending so much time with his friend that he has become a “photographer” (with my camera) in his spare time with us.  He got quite a few nice piccies of us, and I must say it is great to actually be in the pictures for a change and not just taking them – although upon review I think there is a reason I should stay behind the camera.

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