Brunch At Cafe Roux

We really love this place, and by this place I mean the whole of Noordhoek and not just the “Noordhoek Village”.  I love that it is so far away from everything and feels like a lovely faraway relaxing spot but still close enough to all the necessary amenities, like you know, a mall…  What can I say – I’m addicted…  So maybe one day when we’re like 70, we’ll be able to move there…

So anyways, we enjoyed the drive and the view to our new fav spot there, which is Cafe Roux.  Well priced with delish food – perfect combo.  Oh and did I mention it’s right next to a play park for kids?  Slam-freaking-dunk of awesome coolness.  Now that that’s out of my system we can carry on…  When we got there Kyla was asleep and Riya wasn’t – flipping Murphy and your stupid laws.

Seth cradled our beautiful big girl – thinking about life.  Man, I love this man!  How hot is he being all Daddyfied and stuff!  He’s a keeper!

I took Riya to the play park while we waited for the food.  She is such a poser (where does she get it from?!) – but I’m not complaining, at least one of them needs to be!  Before heading back to our table she managed to get kicked by some random man who wasn’t looking where he was going.  It was only minor, so she was ok.

Back at the table Kyla had woken up and we ate our delish fish and chips!

Then back to the play park with Dad.  I was left to man the table when all of a sudden I heard it.  You know, I heard it!  I previously mentioned how you just know your kids cry, and I knew that the ear-piercing scream I was hearing was from one of mine.  I am a bit ashamed to say that I didn’t turn around, I hoped that it would just go away…  But alas… It was getting louder!  I turn and see Seth carrying both of them and Riya was covered in dirt, with tears and snot running from all available spots.  It turns out that she had taken a knee to the head, but this time it hadn’t been as minor – she went sprawling into the sand, face first…  Obviously I don’t have a picture of this because it would be awful of me to take a picture of the sand all over her before comforting the traumatised child, although I will totally admit that I did try…

So that was the end of the play park, after that we chilled out around the grounds and then did the long trek home.  Fun times with the girls – such sweetie pies!

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