Holiday Moments…

We are on holiday!  Finally!  This is the first year in two whole years that I have not had a 4 month break from work – although, who am I kidding, I don’t know how much of a break maternity leave really is…  It really has felt like a very long year full of so many good and bad moments.  But so far this holiday is just full of great moments with the girls!  It is fantastic to be able to spend almost every waking second with them.  They are such special individuals and their personalities are really starting to shine.

I realised how much influence they have on us and our lives, I know what you’re thinking,  and no, I don’t mean that we have to wake up, feed, bath, change and entertain them at specified periods of the day, every day, all day.  I mean the little things that we have started doing or saying because of them.

If we drop anything, a loud “Oooopy Dai” (oopsy daisy) is definitely called for, and it should almost always be followed by an “ooh de” (Oh dear).

It is nearly always necessary to specify – for anything at all that you can think of – that you want “abiggehwon” (a big one) – ending on the highest pitch that you can muster.

When getting dressed, it is important to ensure that you have checked whether you have a clean “terts or dwess” (skirt or dress) to wear, even if you are a Daddy.  No clean skirts?  Now you need to at least make sure whatever you have is “pinkeh” (PINK – she’s got this word DOWN).

Even getting a drink or something to eat is specific, “col watie” (cold water), “hm” (ham), “che” (cheese), “chiiiip” (chip), “enna” (vienna) or even “schikin” (chicken).  We taught her well hey, so healthy and stuff…

Getting in the bath is also a process because sometimes the water is a “bit hot Mommie, watie bit hot” (Bit hot Mommie, water bit hot) – this is said with her hand up in the air and a mini high five movement for the word hot.

And even when she just wants to go and look at something, you need to know and agree to it, so “me back now now.  Me go look.  Back now now. Me look.  Now now back.” (you get the picture)…  This is all said with her eyebrows raised as high up on her forehead as they can possibly reach and the same hand up in the air for the “now now” part.

If the dogs bark poor “Cokie” (Coco) always gets the brunt of the shouting – especially from Ri, because they are not allowed to bark…  Ever.

How flipping cute are these kids!

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