Play Date With The Patons

We like to have play dates, obviously for the children…  You know they need friends and stuff…  So we crashed at our dear friends the Patons (or Si and Claudz) – what a lovely afternoon!  We were totally spoiled by Claudette who treated us to starters and a delish gourmet lunch!!  Of course I had to take a pic of the foodie stuffs, and of course I take my picture-taking very seriously and so of course in my poser attempt to capture the food I managed to break their vase full of flowers!  Typical!  And we were worried about our girls being the monsters and destroying everything, but it was just me and my big back-butt!  Anyways, now I guess I know what we can get them for Christmas ;).

The highlight of the day was definitely the children, – which is probably the point of the play date, except if you miss your friends and want to catch up, so I guess it’s a win win situation.  Anyway, we have 2 girls and they have 2 girls – perfect combination!  Another similarity is that we are a mixed race couple and so are they and all of our children are just beautiful!!  Gotta love them mixed genes!

Although Giorgia is a year and a half older than Kyla (making her almost 4) they got on well, with Giorgia leading the way on the action of the day.  I think Kyla was in her element, playing but not having to put herself out of her comfort zone too much by initiating anything.  They spent their time in the house dutifully cleaning everything with their very wet cloths.  Kyla listened to everything Giorgia said and once sat in the house for like a whole 10 minutes while Giorgia went to fetch something inside, she didn’t even attempt to leave, just sat there all peacefully and stuff – so funny!

Zoë is about 3 weeks younger than Ri if I remember correctly and oh so cute!  Although Ri had a short sleep in the car, Zoë hadn’t her nap yet, so after lunch she was off in dudu land, which is why she doesn’t feature much in the pictures.  Ri didn’t seem to mind too much, and entertained herself or followed after the older girls who weren’t interested in including her much.  It’s so funny how that is.  Already!  Anyway…

We had such fun catching up with our friendlings and look forward to doing it lots more before they move over to Canada at the end of next year…  Yes, I said Canada!  I am sure that if you are friends with them you already know this sad (for us) but exciting (for them) news.  We wish them the best for all the planning and will continue to pray for them in this new venture.  Much love you guys, and thanks for having us at your pad – next time our treat!

Upon reviewing the pictures, we realised how old we are now – you know, just chilling on our chairs watching the kids entertain themselves.  I honestly never thought I would get to this point!


Side note – this is my fav photie of the day – love this girl (and the other one too…  Obviously)

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