Welcome Gawpy…

So in a previous post I mentioned that we wanted to introduce a new awesomeness to our traditions.  And finally we have it.  Welcome Gawpy…

I am not sure that I like the name Gawpy, so if you have any bright ideas for a good name I would appreciate it.  Gawpy just reminds me of Harry Potter – Hagrid’s brother…  But that’s not how we got to “Gawpy”.  We asked Kyla if it was a boy or a girl – cause we were not sure which one we should make it, she said it must be a boy.  Then we asked her what we should name it and she said “Graw Pse” (which translates to draw please – I am assuming that she wanted to colour him in)….  And so Gawpy was born.

Our new addition will make appearances at all major events like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, losing teeth etc etc.  So we wanted to make him more of a timeless piece and dress him up for the various occasions…  So here is Santa Gawp…

Please excuse the homemade costume – sewing is not my gift.  We asked him what he thought of the outfit and he was all like:

Some before and after pics..

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